Garden Frames by Charlie

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A beautiful garden of your choice that can go anywhere! You and your neighbors will love the new look of a GARDEN FRAME.

Be a part of the new fad in gardening. Just like hanging baskets, bonsai, or upside-down tomato growers, enhance your old fence by decorating with a GARDEN FRAME. Transform your environment with blooming color and ecological natural vegetation that grows right before your very eyes. Be your own artist and design the perfect garden picture by using a GARDEN FRAME.

Select your garden scheme by choosing: Succulents, Herbs, Orchids, Flowers, Ferns, Vegetables, Ivy, or Seedlings. You can combine any of these varieties to enhance your picture. Grow your own mobile vegetable garden!


Our economy and environment is forcing people to downsize and think more practically, while going green. What better way to accomplish this without the sacrifice!

  • Each GARDEN FRAME has a self-watering feature to irrigate plants perfectly.
  • Plant roots thrive in a specialized topsoil and moss combination.
  • Mobile! When summer heat is overbearing, just relocate. You can’t do that with a planted garden! Just pick it up and move it. Also, a GARDEN FRAME is ideal for small spaces, so you can plant a garden anywhere, such as apartments, condos, small backyards or classrooms.
  • Weather-resistant and a natural bug repellant. Your GARDEN FRAME is made of cedarwood to last for years.
  • Watch nature grow right before your very eyes. Excellent for schools, hospitals, nurseries and businesses. Showcase your floral and vegetative gardens as art.

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